Q: I have a problem with my order! HELP!!!

Have no fear, the mountain print people are here! We're dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and have a 5-star guarantee. If you have any problems, issues or concerns at all simply email us at or use our contact page.

We strive to respond and resolve customer issues within 24-48 hours of being contacted. 

Just as a heads up: If your print arrived damaged (those pesky mail gremlins!), we're required by our printing and shipping provider(s) to give them photographic proof of the damage. This is simply a way for them to track down and determine where the issue occurred to improve their quality control procedures. If you send us your pictures ahead of time in an email, we can speed up the process on our end.

Q: Where's my favorite resort!? Do you hate my mountain?!

Whoa! Calm down. Just send us an email at or use our contact page. We'll be happy to put your mountain in queue. We have a dozen or more requests at the moment, but we make them pretty quickly.

Q: Do your prints come framed? Is there a framed option available?

Unfortunately, no. At one point in time we offered a framed version of our prints, but the amount of broken glass and the cost to replace the prints was too much for our little small business to handle.

We're always exploring options, so there's a possibility that a framed option might return. In the meantime, we strongly recommend services like Framebridge to get framed prints straight to your door.

Q: Hey! The resort that I like doesn't have a backside/bowl, what gives?

Unfortunately, most mountains have backsides to them that are relatively small. We could include them, but then the print would end up having a small awkward looking addition to the picture. For art sake, we've eliminated it. However, if your mountain has a large enough back side, we've split the work in two pieces. For example, Vail has a backside that's comparable to its front side. As such, Vail has a front side, back side and a blue sky basin print! If you'd like a back side of your print made, just shoot us an email and we'll see what we can do. Special requests are our specialty!

Q: The print on your site is outdated. They've added a new lift/run/area/park/etc. in the last X years.

With over 500+ mountains available, its hard to keep track of all the changes that occur during the off season. We try to make changes when we can to the prints, but we have a hard time keeping track. The number one way to ensure a change gets made to the print is to simply email us at

If you're planning on buying, let us know of a change you'd like made based upon a resort update and we'll give you 10% off your next order.

Q: The print on my wall is outdated. You have a new version. I want that one!

Shoot us an email letting us know you own one. We'll give you a 20% off a new print. That way your print stays current.

Q: How long does it take for me to get my order?

It'll take approximately 24 hours for processing. Once your order gets processed, it will take 3-5 business days to get printed. After that, it can take up to a week for shipping domestically (US) and up to two weeks internationally. International Customs sometimes place a hold on the prints for unexpected reasons. Sorry!

No worries though, you'll be notified each step of the way on your order and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Q: I live in ___________. Will you ship there?

Yep. We ship worldwide.

Q: Can we talk about International Value-Added-Taxes (VATs)?

Yes, lets! Despite our best efforts, sometimes have our packages arrive with a nice little 'bill' from your local government. We've attempted numerous different ways to get around this or to pinpoint when the VAT will be applied. Furthermore, for some reason, sometimes our packages are subject to a higher than normal VAT because of their contents (art is considered a luxury good in some countries). 

Therefore, please be aware that if you are purchasing this product anywhere outside of the United States, you may be subject to a VAT.

Many of our customers have asked us to send the package as a 'gift' to avoid VATs. Unfortunately, due to legality of such action, we cannot accommodate this request.

We are, however, working on a solution to this problem with our shipping provider(s). They have informed us that there is a way to prepay the VAT and estimate ahead of time, but that the funds may not be refundable to the customers and we don't believe that's in the best interest of our customers. 

Q: How much is shipping?

We offer flat rate shipping based on location and product tier:

 Location Product Price
United States Prints $5.99
United States Canvas $10.00/canvas
Canada Prints $6.99
Canada Canvas $35.00/canvas
Everywhere Else Prints $9.99
Everywhere Else Canvas $50.00/canvas

All orders over $100.00 before shipping, taxes and other fees, will receive free shipping!* 

*Offer only applies to orders shipping within the United States and Canada. 

Q: Why does Australia hate wood?

Why is this a question? We don't know, but Australia has an import ban on all wood products. We don't have an import license and all of our products shipped to Australia are 100% American produced. As such, please be aware that if you order a canvas print from us and you're shipping to Australia, you will be receiving a print from a local printer there to comply with local import restrictions. There's zero change to order quality or price, just don't be freaked out when you get a canvas from a strange Australian company instead of us.

Q: Do you do custom prints?

Yes! We can customize your print to your liking. There's a small fee attached to this process ($5/print), but we will take our base prints and customize it to your specifications. To begin your custom artwork, place an order here. If you have any questions relating to custom prints, please contact us at Please note: There may be a processing delay when placing a custom order.

Q: Why do some have 'resort' at the end and some don't? Aren't they all resorts?

Yes. However, we wanted all the text to neatly box together. Resorts such as Vail and Snowbird require more lettering, otherwise the mountain information would be illegible. As a result, we sometime had to add filler text such as "Mountain" and "Resort." We did this so that individuals who wanted to purchase multiple pieces can be assured that the lettering aligns properly.

Q: I can't decide on a size! Help?

We don't know the size of your walls! However, the best answer is 24" x 18". It's the best bang for your buck and we find it to be just the right size. Plus, you can find frames for 24" x 18" prints quite easily.

Q: Can I have a discount?

Sure, why not? Just use "READTHEFAQ" at checkout to get 10% off your order. Just make sure you tell the world about the prints, okay?

Q: Weren't you on Society6? Jeez, that site had an awful search function.

Yep, and we know. Our largest complaint was that people couldn't find their favorite prints on Society6, so we opened a new web store with a better search functionality. We still maintain the store. If you want to use Society6 over our main store page, you're more than happy to. Just go to our Society6 page and find your favorite mountain there. Although, we have more prints here.

Q: What's your specs? Are they quality? I don't want any cheap stuff.

Absolutely. We chose a fantastic printing partner and we went through several QC runs to make sure the prints are perfect.

Our prints are printed on an Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and uses Epson UltraChrome HDR ink-jet technology. The paper is an Epson Enhanced Matte Heavyweight Stock. For those who fancy paper, its the good stuff.

We don't skimp on the canvas either. Each canvas print is made with a Ploy-Cotton Blend Canvas and is hand-stretched and hand-glued. It's finished with a nice matte too. The canvases rise approximately 1.5" from the wall.

Q: I hate this thing called 'FIAT Money' can I pay you in magical internet money?

We now accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum as payment. Sad Shibe - we can't accept Dogecoin, but if Coinbase ever adds Dogecoin as a payment we'll accept it too. 

Q: Other boring stuff?

All work on this site was hand drawn and based on "interpretation" of the locations they represent. They are not meant to be representative in their likeness. Names listed on the prints are meant to represent their physical location, and are not a reprentation of management or company ownership.

We make no guarantees about correctness or accuracy. They should also not be used for guidance. If you're using our prints to ski or snowboard, you're doing it wrong.

None of the prints are endorsed by a specific resort and/or company. We make no claims to be endorsed or sponsored by a specific resort and/or company. Any claims to the contrary are false (unless a resort WANTS to sponsor us, we'll take it).

We are simply fans of skiing, snowboarding and outdoor recreational activies and these pieces are expressions of our love. 

All of our prints are registered with the US copyright office and any deviations of the work without authorized representation are considered in violation of our copyrights.