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Shred The Mountain. Keep the Lines.

Every trail on a mountain tells a story. Some trails are steep, some are filled with winding bends and curves. Others travel through densely packed woods and many have moguls. A few have rails, and others have jumps. But it isn't the type of run that tells the story. It's the people who ride and experience the trails that write the story. Many remember their first time skiing a black diamond. Some remember the time that they took their kids down their first slope. Others remember that 'sick' jump they made and captured on their Go Pros. 

Because of these stories, we shredded the mountain and kept the lines. We've taken a normal trail map and made it unique by removing the background noise and left the lines that everyone is so familiar with. We've left the colors so that anyone looking can instantly tell, "that run must be difficult" or "that run must be a cinch!" without knowing the name of the run. But it doesn't matter, because die hard fans of a mountain can locate every run without a label. Can you?

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