Holiday 2018 Deadlines!

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*Due to overwhelming demand, we have been granted a slight extension from our printer. For the US, the deadline has been extended to Dec. 11th!*

To make sure that we can print and ship all of your orders on time for the holidays, we've worked with our printer to come up with the following Holiday 2018 order deadlines. Any orders that come in after these deadlines cannot be guaranteed to arrive on time. 

If you're ordering last minute, we'll still try to get to you. However, if we cannot get it to you in time, we'll send you a complimentary print proof for you to print out and put under the tree (we'll try to let you know if it doesn't look like your order is going to make it).

So, make sure to order on time, so everyone on your list is happy! 

United States: December 7, 2018
United States (Military): December 7, 2018
Canada: November 30, 2018*
Europe: December 7, 2018
Everywhere Else: November 30, 2018

Remember, if you have any questions or have any special requests, please don't hesitate to contact us at!

* To our brothers and sisters across the Northern Border: We have had some real issues with the Canadian border lately and the mail gremlins our out in force. While we pay for expedited customs, expedited processing and pre-paid custom fees in most cases, we've recently had packages arrived up to a week to two weeks later than expected. Combined with the CUPW strike, we strongly encourage you to order as early as possible

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